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Business Policies

Methods of Payment Accepted

In order to maintain the Animal ER of University Park, L.L.C. for the community, there is a basic physical examination fee for each patient. In addition, fees will be charged for the diagnostics, medicine, and surgery.
Fees for emergency veterinary services may surpass what you would pay at your family veterinarian’s office due to the cost of being open every night, weekend, and holiday.


After being examined by the Veterinarian, a treatment plan will be presented consisting of diagnostics and treatments. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. It is our policy to receive a full payment at the time of treatment by any one of the following payment methods. Proper identification is required. Billing will not be permitted.

Accepted methods of payment include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards, Care Credit, checks (an automatic draft, similar to what happens at Wal-Mart at checkout), or cash.

Patient Discharge

All financial obligations are to be paid in full prior to discharge. We do not bill.

Your family veterinarian will receive a complete report of what has transpired with your pet during the visit to the Animal ER.

Should you have any questions after being discharged, your family veterinarian will answer them.

Any and all follow-up diagnostics, suture removal and care will be done by your family veterinarian.

For your convenience, if there is a problem with your pet being picked up at discharge, arrangements can be made with an animal ambulance service (Vetcare Express) to have the pet transported to your family veterinarian.

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